In 2014 we set the record for the first XR6 falcon to run an et of 7.78 @ 180 mph.  Following that triumphant achievement we decided to go all out and purchase a 2011 rj carbon fiber race car. The mission is simple in theory. To push the mighty Barra engine into the 5 second zone. Currently the fastest time the pro car has done is a 6.53 @ 220 mph. 

              Currently competing in the factory extreme category in Jamboree the car has already set some records and made a name for itself. 

- Becoming the first Ford "Barra"  to run a 6 second quarter mile pass.

- Worlds fastest Ford powered 6 cylinder powered vehicle.  

We have not stopped where we are and continue to push the barrier with the infamous "Barra" Engine. When you push an engine as far as we have it becomes into an unknown. Things break and you have to start again and redesgin and then retest. R&D is all done in house and raced whenever we have the spare time. With over 2000hp at the wheels and revs to just over 11,000 rpm one will only realise that we are pushing the limits of this iconic engine.
      Where to from here? More work is currently in progress and there may even be a twin RJ carbon fiber car out there. When the Pro Car hits the track next it will make for some exciting times ahead for DMP RACING. 

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