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Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Well firstly i must apologize for being a little slack since June. Allot has been going on.

After Winternationals Dion got the car back together. and for those that seen it a the 400 Thunder event it was sounding pretty spicy.

Dion updated a few things on the car from the gearbox-electronics and engine. Let's say that it seemed like it was looking like a fairy-tale weekend. The car seemed to like the changes. Coming up on the 2 step with ease.

We had a slight issue with the trans-brake just before being called out for testing. All hands on deck and we had the box out in 20 mins. Found the first issue and fixed it. After installing and then testing the trans-brake again it held better but needed something else. Out comes the liberty again and this time in 15 mins. This time we nailed it and all fixed. It is amazing how you can test everything in the shop, but as soon as you get to the track it all turns pear shape.

We got to our last qualifying run only to be aborted due to 4 drops of water coming out the radiator. It is what it is. All these little gremlins happen when you are pushing the limits on an engine.

2 Step Testing

1st Burnout with the new setup

We all regrouped and sorted out the issue. Luckily enough we got one more run in.

We all know how that went.

This time though it was something that has never happened before and just makes Dion and the team determined to finally show what the car and the Barra can do. Unlucky for us that a coil wire came off and that was the end of that. Hydro locked a cylinder and punched the piston out. Similar result to what happened at Willowbank with oil and fire.

Considering what happened we got out of it lightly and damage was not really that bad. So what is better than having a feed together and regroup.

For now the car is having a rest. You better get ready for what is in store next year.

So from all of us at Dyno-Mite performance we wish you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy new year.


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