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Winternationals. A weekend of ups and downs

What a weekend of ups and downs.

Things did not go as planned and we had a few issues with the car.

Friday Dion and the team were pumped. From testing in the pits everything was looking good. Initially the car took off well and was on a pass, it then nosed over just over half track. A quick inspection resulted in something we have not ever seen. The rear sprocket of the cam which is for the Cam angle sensor decided not to be part of the camshaft. This resulted in catastrophic failure causing allot of damage.

Within minutes a plan was made. Instead of watching let’s get a head sent up and that’s what we did. Friday night at around 9:00 I headed to Brisbane airport to pick up the new head and parts. When we arrived back at the track, we all got to work and stayed up to early hours.

Saturday, we finished off the head and some other tweaks and the car breathed into life again Sunday morning. There were 2 passes left of the weekend and we wanted to make the most of it. How things can change so quickly.

Dion does a nice burnout and ready to stage. Suddenly water starts pooling at the front of the car. Pass is aborted and we quickly get the car back to the pits. The temperature sensor plug was not all the way in and resulted in an offline reading causing the water-pump not to run. Problem solved and one pass left.

We feel confident right up to the start line that after all the years from covid and the minimal seat time that things will come around. Dion begins the burnout and it takes ages to spool up. Yep out of nitrous. Before the run the bottle pressure was still fine so Dion thought we have heaps left in it, well It was not meant to be; However when boost came up the car made a good lick once the boost kicked in off the line and was getting rowdy at around the 1000 foot mark spinning up those big rears and finally rowing through the 5 gears.

Thank you to everyone that follows and supports us. Let us know if you want to see more. We won’t give up and a part of succeeding you must overcome failures and keep pushing. Head to our facebook page for a quick video recap of the weekend -SR-

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