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Rain Rain go away.

Jamboree 2020 was good, bad, good then bad. The crew was back at the Sydney Jamboree and this year with Dyno-Mite Performance - DMP Racing bringing the pro car out after some major upgrades. Producing over 2000hp at the hubs and setting the HP record on the shop's dyno, coupled with a new transmission and many other small upgrades, it was back to the start to learn the new combo and Iron out any problems and move forward. If you watched the live feed the car had other ideas. The burnout never went to plan, learning the new setup and coming to grips with all the changes.

Car was looking on point.

Finally, when Dion got the first run done and dusted the car ran 7.3 @ 138mph as he was forced to lift of early and hit the chutes at half track due to stripping the teeth off the crown wheel and pinion. Soon as he slowed down and turned to go into the return lane, he realized the diff was not happy.

Whilst all the repairs were being made the data from the car was being looked over. After some analysis, settings were changed, and the team was back on track. After a few hours and removing all the tiny chips from the inner housing the repairs were completed. Was a shame that it was after the staging lanes were closed. This gave no more testing time for DMP Racing.

Warming up

Race day - The crew was confident that the necessary changes were made. The Diff centre was replaced and settings were all adjusted to where they should be able to make a decent hit down the track for qualifying.

Mother nature had other ideas and the rain was falling. Clearing up around 10:00am there was a chance that Jamboree would go ahead. The track dried out and they had begun. However around 1:00pm heavier rain fell, and the event was cancelled.

And that was that. Over the radio came the announcement. The event is cancelled everyone pack up and go home.

DMP Racing would like to thank the crew at Jamboree for their hard work trying their hardest to make the event go ahead.

A big thanks to the sponsors of DMP Racing below:

  • MELBOURNE CRANES- Crane, Rigging and logistics alternative

  • HALTECH - Engine Management Systems

  • TCE - Torque Converters

  • LEADING CAR CARE - Automotive Engineers

  • MPRINT INDUSTRIES - Graphic Design Specialists

  • HYPERTUNE - Automotive Customization Shop

Also DMP Racing would like to thank

  • Arthur from Tuners Edge for the lend of the tools.

  • Maatouks Racing for their awesome hospitality. Thanks Nader and the crew.

  • Peter for the lend of the killer tow rig.

  • The DMP Racing crew.

  • And all the people that support Dyno-Mite Performance.

Stay Tuned!!

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