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Happy Anniversary

Way back in 2015 the plan was for Maria to make RIPSS the quickest street XR6 Turbo in Australia.

Seems so long ago and the car has come a long way since 2005. Not only the quickest it is the first street XR6 turbo to be in the 7's

1 year ago and it was mission accomplished.

Since becoming the first street XR6 turbo to be in the 7's, the car has had some sweet upgrades and we all know it now makes a healthy 2200 hp taking out Street Machine Summernats horsepower heroes 2020.

Also still retains the record for fastest and quickest street XR6 turbo a year later and it has even ran quicker completing the quarter mile doing an impressive 7.76 @ 187mph.

The team at Dyno-Mite Performance would like to say. Happy anniversary to you Maria. You drove your car and gave it 100%. Was such an awesome day and could not of asked for more.

Stay tuned for the next outing as this car is ready for some more quarter mile action.

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