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- Heading BACK to the track!! Willowbank here we come. -

Dion and the Dyno-Mite Crew are heading to Willowbank Raceway on the 11th-12th of


Finally after the restrictions easing and no sooner than the Qld border opened the tickets were booked.

After Jamboree in March Dion had his car transported to QLD for the possibility to go race at Willowbank seen as things never went to plan at Jambore. Rain got the better of us all.

It was all going well in late June. Covid was not too bad as we were only getting up to around 20 cases a day. Dion decided to head up to QLD, so a road trip was planned as flying was off the table at the time.


Snoozing with the twin.

After leaving Dubbo we got a phone call letting us know there could be trouble getting in the border. They were not 100% sure but would keep us posted.

Long story short, we were about and hour away from the border we were told that no Victorians are allowed to enter as all of Vic pretty much was declared a Covid hotspot. We were so close it was not funny.

Then Dion had a phone call to inform him that no Victorians could enter the track due to QLD health making the call. If we were to enter we would of been made an example of no doubt. So we turned around and headed home. 2600 km in 3 days.

Then things got real.

Fast forward nearly 6 month later and finally QLD has opened the border for us Victorians to head up.

If you are at the track then swing by and say hello.

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