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Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

Dyno-Mite Performance would like to thank everyone of their customers and supporters for being apart of our journey for 2019. If we look back we have achieeved some great things this year.

Here are just a few:

- Donated a dyno tune to a lucky winner of Club FG's good Friday Raffle.

- On the day 10 years later RIPSS made 1690hp on the hub dyno.

- First 7 second, full weight, street registered XR6 turbo in Australia.

- Upgrades and trips to Sydney Jambo.

- More upgrades and RIPSS made 1860hp on the hub dyno.

- Quickest and fastest ET 7.767 @ 187.44mph. (Go Maria)

- New hoodies and T-shirts

- We had a stall at MotorEx and met many fantastic people over the weekend.

- Finally we got our web page sorted and internet shop up and running.

- Travelled up to Brisbane for Jambo with RIPSS.

- Released some new performance products designed by Dion himself.

- Continue to do R&D on the Barra platform.

- Supporting the drag race community becoming a sponsor of the Calder Park Street Drags.

- You may have noticed Maria and Dion also helping out at Calder also.

- RIPSS has had a few taste-full upgrades over the past few months.

- Finally Dion and the crew get to have some well-deserved sleep.


Dion and Maria spending some quality time together.

Jambo Sydney 2019

Maria contributing to climate change by making new clouds


Thank you everyone for being apart of our journey. Merry Christmas to all,stay safe, eat and be jolly.

Stay tuned as Dyno-Mite Performance have more things to come next year.


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